Opera by Georg Friedrich Haas with text by Händl Klaus (“Schwetzingen version” 2015)

Premiere in the Münchner Volkstheater on 22 May 2022


Musikalische Leitung
Inszenierung, Bühne, Kostüme, Licht

Teodor Currentzis
Romeo Castellucci
Marco Giusti
Piersandra Di Matteo, Laura Schmidt

Mit Sänger:innen der Bayerischen Staatsoper sowie Schauspieler:innen der Münchner Kammerspiele und des Münchner Volkstheaters




What are we, who are we, if we are no longer conscious? What do relatives mean? For the memories? For a future? For relationships? Can there still be communication when one of us is no longer responsive? And how do family dynamics change, if they are already complex familial structures and hierarchies, if the “queen” is actually present, but speechless and no longer capable of action? Is she disempowered or does she remain a force to be reckoned with?