Everyone is a king or queen. The season’s motto is more than a slogan – it is a statement, understanding (of self) and vision. With Offstage 360 we leave the stage, go out of the theatre into the city and also seek encounters in the “off” areas – there where culture mixes in all shades, where access to cultural participation is not taken for granted, where life is lived to the full. We come back with people that want to participate, people who tell stories from their lives and people who are just as diverse and individual as our opera characters. We leave the stage and stand in the middle of the city. Our goal is to live with differences and diversity, and not to build walls. We benefit from diversities, negotiate these again and again and appreciate the interests of so many others. This is what makes us, our stage and our society.

Just complain verbosely and you achieve nothing. To speak with the broad range of the city’s inhabitants on an equal footing we introduce collaborations with cultural, social and children’s and youth institutions. Right there and then we want to listen and have discussions. MORGEN, the umbrella association of migrant organisations in Munich and surroundings is an important cooperation partner for the years ahead. MORGEN was founded to increase participation and commitment by people with an immigration background. The network’s motto: “Engage, participate, co-decide!”

This principle also applies for us. Everyone can join in, integrate and try out in our future participatory and inclusivity projects, club nights and musical and music theatre offers with Offstage 360. Being part of cultural activity also contributes to being part of the city. Everyone will have this opportunity, regardless of education, social status or origins. Musical theatre lives with and from the people in the city.

Together with artists, cultural institutions and various organisers in Munich, we develop new discursive and artistic formats – in the city and in the Nationaltheater. Starting point here are the topics surrounding opera and ballet productions. We connect with the diverse voices and viewpoints of the city’s inhabitants to expand opera’s sphere of influence. From the stage to the population’s everyday routine and back on stage again.

Our line of sight covers 360°, seeks out new stimuli with openness, wants to meet people of all ages and walks of life and focuses on the Bayerische Staatsoper’s full range of activity here – ballet, concert, opera. We don’t want to reach any full stops here, but rather enjoy lively continuous exchanges with people and enable participation.