Every child is a king or queen. The more identification touches the person’s emotional reality, the higher it is with fictional characters. Just as on the big stage, in our programme the individual, their individual being and dealing with the other, also pushes to the fore for all children.

In Der kleine Mondbär (aged 3 and over) the little bear wants to claim the moon for himself. But the moon shines for all and no-one can keep it for themself. The music spans an arc from the familiar repertoire of the history of opera to the works of contemporary composer Richard Whilds. With a moving story, the world of opera also opens up for children. Max und die Superheld:innen (aged 6 and over) is based on Carl Maria von Weber’s Der Freischütz and deals with fear of failure, courage and friendship. Max makes his way on a journey through a mysterious forest, where the adventures and superheroes of operatic history await him. At the end, Max is confronted by the question: Am I confident in myself? Is there a hero in me? Das Kind der Seehundfrau (aged 8 and over) is based on an ancient myth from the far north; the music is from Jesse Broekman (new composition, 2022). Songs, recitatives, dance and movement interplay and conjure up an icy world. Our musical theatre worlds are fictional, at the end, there is the individual, who feels real and hears – every child is a king or queen.

Accompanying our children’s pieces and family shows, introductions of kids and young people will feature in the run-up. For selected productions, we also offer our participatory SpielOper and SpielBallette formats, which enable the kids to actively get to know the various operas and ballet pieces.